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  1. You’ll get a good deal - Our slogan says it best "Pals don't let Pals pay retail"

  2. To shop a different kind of variety - Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad. When they remake a product without the feature(s) you liked in the old model, your Pals at Pawn Pals have your back. We sell the old, and we sell the new, so YOU get the best of both worlds.

  3. Oh, and it’s green - By purchasing second-hand instead of retail, you’re saving a product from being produced, packaged and shipped. You’re practically a Hero!

At Pawn Pals, your purchase may not always come with fancy packaging or a user’s manual. Instead, you’ll enjoy a great product at a great price.


Reserve the items you want, without having to pay the full amount!


Select the item(s) you want


Put down as little as 20% as a deposit


Take up to 30 days to make another minimum payment of 20%


Within 5 months, your item(s) will be paid off and ready for you to enjoy!

Changed your mind about an item? No problem! Have one of your Pals at Pawn Pals transfer your deposit to another item or issue you a store credit. - 10% of the deposit will be deducted as a restocking fee.

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